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About Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University

69, Lenin Avenue, Chelyabinsk

A state educational establishment of higher professional education “Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University” is one of the oldest universities in the Chelyabinsk Region.
Since 1934, the year of its foundation, the University has turned from a small pedagogical institute into one of the leading pedagogical universities of Russia. In 1984, Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University was decorated with the Badge of Honour for its great success in training skilled specialists.
In 1995, the Institute obtained a status of university and was renamed into Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University.
The whole educational activity of the University aims at the realization of the State standard of vocational education, improvement of the quality of vocational training of pedagogical personnel, intensification of the educational process. Moreover, great attention is paid on the search of new forms and methods of teaching and creative development of future teachers’ personality.
Being the only specialized pedagogical university in the Chelyabinsk Region, Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University trains competent personnel practically in all education programs of the regional educational system. In this connection there were opened new specialities such as typhlopedagogics and special psychology, preschool pedagogics and psychology, computer science, pedagogics-psychology, life safety, cultural studies, social work, translation studies, computer science and management of organization, 6 specialities of primary vocational education: cars and automobile business; computer science, information and computer technologies; design; economy and management and others.
In comparison with 1994 when the University trained teachers of 14 specialities of vocational education, in 2007 Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University provided about 36 specialities. Nowadays the University qualifies teachers not only for comprehensive schools, but also for the educational institutions of preschool, primary, secondary vocational level, special education. The University also trains managers for education control system and organize courses of professional build-up. There are institutes of distant pedagogical education, human health and ecology, optional creative pedagogical professions and others.
In 2006 it opened a branch of CSPU in Miass. It has the following licensed specialities: pedagogics and psychology, pedagogics and teaching methods of primary education, management of organization, vocational training (design, economy and management, computer science, information and computer technologies, social work).
In the Institute of optional creative pedagogical professions students can acquire any optional pedagogical profession in 5 branches of education:

  • art-aesthetic education (vocal, choral singing, art song, theatre, puppet-show, folklore, recitation and compering, ballroom and street dances, modern and national dances, musical instruments etc);
  • sport education (aerobics, health-improving gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tourism, karate, fencing, life safety (lifeguards) etc);
  • art and crafts (sewing, fashion theatre, knitting, interior decorator, phytodesign, photo, hairdressing, interior design, leisure activities, ecology etc);
  • leisure-time activities (technology of leisure, excursion business, intellectual games etc);
  • organizational pedagogical education (computer science, valeology, archeology, journalism, astronomy, practical psychology, French, Tartar, orthodox culture, traffic safety, management in education).

The process of education on 15 faculties, 2 institutes and 54 departments of the University is maintained by highly qualified teaching staff including 570 regular teachers, among them 60 D.Sc holders and 354 Ph.D holders (65%).
The results of their scientific and tutorial work are widely introduced in the process of education updating and coordinating it with the modern claims on the level and quality of specialists’ training.
The University introduces in teaching process a wide range of novelties concerning new multimedia, information and pedagogical technologies. There exist about 720 modern computers at the disposal of students, postgraduates, teachers and scientific workers of the University. The library of the University is also equipped with modern computers, Internet, its own electronic catalogue. Besides, Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University provides the usage of electronic catalogue of the theses of the Lenin National Library.
The University has an efficient system of educational work. Self-actualization of students’ personality is realized in various directions. The museums of CSPU, the Institute of optional creative pedagogical professions, the system of traditions in the University, scientific student society, student pedagogical unit “LUCh” contribute to it. In 2002, 2004 and 2006 Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University won I, II and III All-Russian contests on the best educational work held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The museum of history of CSPU was booked in the All-Russian book of honour which is kept in the Museum of Great Patriotic War on the Hill of Respectful Salutation in Moscow.
During 10 years the sportsmen of CSPU are the first in the sports contest among the universities of Chelyabinsk.
The students of the University obtain academic and social scholarship including perks in accordance with the results of the set of examinations. All students’ achievements are marked by the scholarship of the President or the Government of the Russian Federation. Each month students-orphans and those who are under care or guardianship obtain higher scholarship and food subsidy. 280 students receive scholarships named after famous scientists and teachers of CSPU.
Each student from another town has a possibility to get a place in the university hostel. The fee is 345 rubbles a year.
The University admits citizens of the Russian Federation and Byelorussia with general secondary or high vocational education, foreign citizens and stateless people living on the territory of Russian, and nationals living abroad.
The reception of application for full-time education takes place from June, 25 to July, 15.
The applicants are to hand in the following documents to the admissions department:

  • application for admission addressed to the Rector of the University (due form);
  • document of the state standard of general secondary or high vocational education, and a diploma of primary vocational education if it has a record about the holder’s receiving general secondary education (original or verified copy);
  • certificate of the results of the United State Exam (for those who have passed it) or its verified copy;
  • 6 photos 3*4 (mat paper);
  • passport is showed personally.

The admissions department works from June, 20 in auditorium # 118.
Telephone: 8 (351) 239-37-12; 239-36-74
Preliminary courses - tel. 8 (351) 239-36-31

Today: 31.07.2014



- Vodennikova L.A.

- Dovgopolova L.B.

- Druzhinina L.A.

- Zherebkina V.F.

- Klykova D.G.

- Panacheva L.I.

- Savel'ev V.A.

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