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Faculty of psychology

office 413, Soni Krivoy Street, 34, Chelyabinsk, Russia tel: +7(351) 216-57-83, 216-57-87


Valentina I. Dolgova,
Doctor of Psychology, professor, honourable worker of high school – Dean

Staff of the Dean's Office:

  • Deputy Dean for academic affairs - Olga A. ShumakovaCandidate of Pedagogics, associate professor
  • Deputy Dean for educational work - Nadezhda V. Kryzhanovskaya, Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor
  • Deputy Dean for commercial issues - Yan V. Latyushin, Candidate of Psychology, associate professor
  • Deputy Dean for quality of education - Galina V. Terekhova, Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor
  • Head of pedagogical practice - Elena V. Melnik, Candidate of Psychology, senior lecturer


  1. Pedagogics and psychology
  2. Special psychology with specialization “Practical psychology and consulting”

Departments of the Faculty of psychology

Department of theoretical and applied psychologyAnatomy, physiology and pathology of organs of hearing, speech and sight; an introduction to psycho-pedagogical activity; age psychology; usage of modern information and communication technologies in the process of education; history of pedagogics and education; history of psychology; clinical picture of intellectual abnormalities; clinical psychology; conflictology; special pedagogics with the bases of special psychology; mathematical bases of psychology; methodology and methods of psychological and pedagogical investigations; methods of active social and psychological education; methods of psychological investigations; methods of psychological diagnostics; methods of psychological correction; neuropathology; neuropsychology; regulatory support of education; general bases of pedagogics; organization and content of special psychological assistance; bases of logopedia; bases of general psychology; bases of proforientology; bases of psychology of family relations and family counseling; bases of psychotherapy; bases of social rehabilitation and professional orientation; pathopsychology; pedagogics; pedagogical psychology; pedagogical systems of education and upbringing of children with deviations of development; psychodiagnostics; psychological service in education; psychological counseling; psychology; psychology of children with mental retardation; psychology of children with dysfunction of locomotor apparatus; psychology of children with disordered emotional volitional sphere and behaviour; psychology of children with complex defects of development; psychology of people with visual impairment; psychology of people with speech disturbance; psychology of people with hearing impairment; psychology of people with mental deficiency; psychology of labour; psycho-pedagogical anthropology; psycho-pedagogical diagnostics; psycho-pedagogical correction; psycho-pedagogical practical course; psychopathology; psychotherapy; social pedagogics; social psychology; special pedagogics; special psychology; theory of upbringing; theory of education; management of educational systems;

The Faculty of Psychology has full-time and part-time education. The information for applicants of CSPU is available in section “Applicants”.

The teachers of the Department of theoretical and applied psychology developed and introduced into process of education various courses for full-time and part-time students and retrainees. Themes of electives include basic problems of modern education.

Akmeology of management;

  • Topical problems of psychological investigations;
  • Culture of communication of a teacher-psychologist;
  • Teaching methods of psychology;
  • Methodology of science and pedagogical novelties;
  • Methodology of pedagogical investigations;
  • Nonverbal means of communication;
  • Bases of conception of complex therapy by means of tales;
  • Bases of psychological management;
  • Bases of social projecting;
  • Pedagogical communication;
  • Problems of constructive psychological protection of personality;
  • Psychodiagnostics and introspectionl;
  • Psychological bases of information perception;
  • Psychology of individual differences;
  • Psychology of personality;
  • Psychology of communication;
  • Psychology of endowments;
  • Psychology of decision-making;
  • Advertising psychology;
  • Religious psychology;
  • Psychology of tolerance;
  • Psycho-pedagogical work with a family of a hearing-impaired child;
  • Psycho-pedagogical bases of family education;
  • Games of vocational psychology;
  • Modern educational technologies;
  • Modern theories of personality;
  • Social psychological bases of management;
  • Creative formation of personality in professional activity;
  • Theretical and methodological bases of a scientific investigation;
  • Economic psychology;
  • Ethnic pedagogics.

Research work of the Faculty


International conference in St. Petersburg
(in the centre of the right photo – V.I. Dolgova)

The Faculty has its own Psychological Centre AKME which is guided by the University Charter, normative documents and methodological materials of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education, Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University and it is based on scientific potential of the Department of theoretical and applied psychology.

The purpose of the formation of this centre is modernization of educational process aiming at the improvement of training of a teacher-psychologist, special psychologist, and improvement of the quality of teaching psychology and is realized in the following directions:

  • Programmed and methodological support of students’ seminars and practicals together with the Department of theoretical and applied psychology;
  • Monitoring of trends of development of professional and personality qualities and students’ psychological competence;
  • Correction work in the cabinet of psychological relief:
    • individual psychological counseling;
    • preventive group study;
    • trainings (self-actualization, professional and personality development, communication).
  • Realization of preuniversity training:
    • Scientific Students’ Society
    • School of a young psychologist
    • Pedagogical classes
  • Search and examination of students who took an interest and inclination to psycho-pedagogical activity.
  • Work with applicants:
    • professional selection;
    • professional counseling;
    • professional orientation.
  • Adoption of psychological technologies in the work of teachers, social teachers, school psychologists:
  • creation of the system of feedback with the graduates of CSPU;
  • express education;
  • seminars;
  • conferences.

The Faculty has a scientific school of V.I. Dolgova “Formation of innovative culture of a future teacher in the sphere of education” which took part in the All-Russian contest of grants of the Russian science. This school includes a scientific laboratory “Topical problems of psychology of professionalism” (supervisor V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor) which realizes the following fields of research:

  • Topical problems of professionalism (supervisor V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor);
  • Psychological aspects of a child’s development (supervisor E.G. Kapitanec, Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor);
  • Topical aspects of the work with abnormal children (supervisor G.G. Butorin, Doctor of Psychology, professor).

The research work of students is continuous and consistent.

In each year of studies students conduct the following educational and scientific investigations:

  • in the first year – monitoring of one’s own professionally important qualities of a future teacher-psychologist and determination of a strategy of one’s own further professional development; reviewing and annotation of scientific sources are used on the lessons;
  • in the second year – conduct of pilot investigations on the topical problems of psychology;
  • in the third year – theoretical experimental investigations on general professional problems; development and examination of psycho-pedagogical programmes for a summer pedagogical practice;
  • in the forth year – research work on the topical problems of psychological support of educational process in educational establishments;
  • in the fifth year – independent, creative and research work under the supervision of leading specialists of the Department of theoretical and applied psychology approving the qualification of a pedagogue-psychologist.


Scientific Students’ Society of the Faculty of Psychology
The students of the Faculty on the meeting in the camp “Chayka”

Good performance of the effectiveness of students’ research work are grants of different levels.

Students’ grants


Government grant of the Chelyabinsk Region – Aleksey Savchenkov: “Formation of emotional stability of students of pedagogical establishments”, project supervisor – – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor;

Government grant of the Chelyabinsk Region – Dmitriy Gurachenkov: “Formation of reflexive abilities of teenagers in the process of out-of-school activity”, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor;

Grant of CSPU – Oleg Tomilin: “Morphological structure of dynamic sense systems of consciousness of a modern teenager”, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor.

Postgraduates’ grants


Grant of CSPU “Mechanisms of psychological protection in social psychological adaptation of a personality of a student-psychologist” – O.A. Soboleva, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor;

Government grant of the Chelyabinsk Region “Analysis of students’ ideas about personality of a successful teacher of a pedagogical university” – N.A. Lopareva, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor.


Government grant of the Chelyabinsk Region “Program of the formation of professionally important qualities of a future pedagogue-psychologist” – V.K. Shayakhmetova, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor.


Government grant of the Chelyabinsk Region “Program of the formation of emotional stability as an important characteristic of future pedagogues-psychologists” – A.V. Savchenkov, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor.

Government grant of the Chelyabinsk Region “Program of the formation of self-direction capacity as an important characteristic of future pedagogues-psychologists” – V.K. Shayakhmetova, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor.


Government grant of the Chelyabinsk Region “Formation of optimal anxiety level as a factor of formed emotional component of emotional stability of future pedagogues-psychologists” – Golieva Galina Yurievna, research supervisor – V.I. Dolgova, Doctor of Psychology, professor.


The Faculty won the competition of analytical departmental programs of the RF Ministry of Education and Science “Development of scientific potential of high school”.


Postgraduates of the Department of theoretical and applied psychology

The Faculty – winner of competitions

The students of the Faculty actively take part in All-Russian competitions on psychology and won the prize places.

 2005 – III place in the first All-Russian competition on pedagogics and psychology in Yekaterinburg;

2006 – III place of team championship in the first All-Russian competition on psychology on the basis of Kuznetsk Basin State Pedagogical Academy in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovskaya Region;

2007 – I place in the All-Russian competition on pedagogics and psychology in Chelyabinsk;


II All-Russian competition on pedagogics and psychology, Yekaterinburg 2005 (3 place)
All-Russian competition on Psychology, Novokuznetsk 2006 (3 place)

The student team of the Faculty of Psychology of CSPU consisting of Yuriy Gubin, Varvara Barbashina, Elena Cheburkova, Igor Temeryazev, Artem Kotov, Tatiana Baytinger was awarded: 1 place in the competition “Preparedness for research work”, 3 place in the competition “Homework” (Psychological portrait of a modern child: myth and reality).

Historical note

1997 – opening of the Institute of Psychology on the basis of Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University.

2001 – the Institute of Psychology was reorganized into the Faculty of Psychology of CSPU. The same year the Department of theoretical and applied psychology was founded, it maintained the educational process on the professional and subject training of students.

The teaching staff of the Department includes 29 qualified specialists: 3 – Doctors and 22 – Candidates.

The Department has a postgraduate study on the specialities:

  • 19.00.07 “Pedagogical psychology”;
  • 19.00.13 “Psychology of development, akmeology”;
  • 19.00.04 “Medical psychology”.

Since 2006 there is also a doctorate on the speciality – 19.00.07 “Pedagogical psychology”.

The teachers and students conduct investigations in modern prospective direction, work at grants, participate in state scientific and educational programmes, become the authors of training aids and monographs.

The Faculty has a computer classroom, methodological office, lecture halls for lectures and practicals, psychological service.


Our graduates

The first graduates of the Faculty

From 2001 to 2008 the Faculty graduated 287 full-time students, 43 of them with honours, and 1,138 part-time students, 51 of them with honours.

The Faculty realizes the system of activities on graduates’ job placement. It cooperates with the Ministry of Education of the Chelyabinsk Region, Chelyabinsk Education Management and various educational establishments. Trained on the Faculty skilled specialists work in state and commercial organizations, teach in high and secondary educational establishments. The best graduates apply for a postgraduate study.

Nowadays the geography of the graduates’ job placement isn’t limited by Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk Region only. Our graduates work in kindergartens, schools, boarding schools, establishments of additional education, psychological services, educational establishments of secondary and high professional education of the regions of the Russian Federation, i.e. Moscow Region, Krasnodar Krai, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Republic of Yakutia, Republic of Bashkortostan, in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd and abroad: Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Ukraine.

In addition to educational establishments, the graduates work as psychologists in Senior Management of Execution of the Chelyabinsk Region, establishments of Department of the Interior and Ministry of Emergency Situations, services of helpline, placement services, enterprises of heavy industry and private establishments on psychological counseling.

Annually increasing competition on the Faculty of Psychology, demand for our graduates is a striking illustration of a stable demand on labour-market and high appreciation of the quality of teachers’ work at the Faculty.

Educational work

Subbotnik (Day of volunteer work)
The students of the Faculty always take part in the freshers’ show of CSPU
“Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten…” duty of memory of the students

Education quality control and improvement of the organization of students’ independent work

The faculty works aiming at the improvement of the students’ quality of education on the ground of decision of Academic Council of CSPU dated June, 26 2003.

Main goals of this work are as follows:

  • study of the experience of the leading Russian universities and CSPU on the problem of education quality management
  • securing of involvement of all members of the Faculty in continuous improvement of education quality.

The work is realized in conformity with marked directions of implementation of aims and tasks specified in the documents “Basis directions of the University activity in the sphere of quality management”, “Methodological recommendations to the development of rating system of appreciation of students’ progress”, the plan of CSPU work on the education quality management.

The structure of the work in this direction is reflected in coordinating plans and reports of the Department of theoretical and applied psychology in the sphere of education quality management.

Cooperation with the local education authorities

The educational process of the Faculty of Psychology is oriented on the practical activity of graduates.

The Faculty actively cooperates with the Ministry of Education of the Chelyabinsk Region and Chelyabinsk Education Management, with the Chelyabinsk department of diagnostics and consulting together with which the Faculty provides an advanced training of pedagogues-psychologists, professional competitions, scientific seminars, conferences, round tables discussions. The students of the Faculty repeatedly took part in competitions hold by the Chelyabinsk Education Management, volunteer movement and others.

Nowadays the Faculty has association agreements with 27 educational establishments of Chelyabinsk on the basis of which it organizes a practical training of future pedagogues-psychologists: lyceum No. 23, gymnasium No. 10, 63, schools Nos.13, 18, 58, 107, 112, 138, boarding school No. 4, complexes “school-kindergarten” Nos. 59, 87, 477, social rehabilitation centres of Kurchatovskiy, Kalininskiy, Leninskiy and Traktorozavodskiy districts of Chelyabinsk, a social medical centre under the lunatic asylum.

The Faculty also continues cooperating with the Ural-Siberian department of the Academy of akmeological sciences. Besides, the Faculty of Psychology prepares for the interregional scientific conferences.

Work experience and practical training

The state educational standard and academic curriculum provide for educational and practical trainings for the students of the Faculty of Psychology aiming at acquirement of a practical experience and improvement of the quality of professional training of future specialists.

The basic establishments for practices are secondary educational schools; preschool educational establishments; colleges; social rehabilitation centres; children’s health camps, special educational establishments among which there are educational establishments of Chelyabinsk – municipal children’s educational establishments Nos. 84, 477; secondary schools Nos. 1, 3, 9, 13, 16, 18, 19, 24, 28, 34, 37, 42, 51, 52, 56, 61, 66, 68, 75, 76, 84, 99, 135, 145, 147, 151, 152, 155; gymnasiums Nos. 96, 99; professional gymnasiums Nos. 107, 112, 118, 120, 133; pedagogical colleges Nos. 1, 2; Ural State College; regional psychoneurological hospital No. 2; regional educational establishments: Kopeisk: secondary schools Nos. 2, 3, 4, 21, 44, 45; Miass: secondary schools Nos. 1, 17; settlement Novy Mir: secondary school; settlement Bredy: secondary school No. 1; Baikal: secondary school No. 8; Snezhinsk: municipal children’s educational establishment No. 27; village Pivkino: secondary school; Chebarkul: secondary schools Nos. 4, 11; Korkino: secondary schools Nos. 4, 26; Yemanzhelinsk: secondary school No. 4; Kyshtym: secondary schools Nos. 2, 13; village Varna: secondary school No. 88; Zlatoust: secondary schools Nos. 35, 37, 73; settlement Novosineglazovo: secondary school No. 145.

All types of practices and peculiarities of their organization are defined by the programs approved by the University.


Practice in pedagogical college No. 2, Chelyabinsk
Five-year students on the practice in gymnasium No. 96, Chelyabinsk
Students on the instructional meetings in children’s health camp “Uralskaya beryozka”


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